Texas Hard Money Lenders Investor Guide:

Do you have extra money sitting in your savings account while you look for a smart way to invest it? If so, have you considered private money lending? While this type of investment may seem foreign to you, the fact is that the world of private money lending is open to anyone willing to invest. The way it works is you issue a loan directly to the customer, cutting out the middle man, which is typically a bank or other financial institution, and you collect the interest payments as the loan is payed back over a period of time mutually agreed upon by you and the customer. While this investment option is not for everyone, those who do choose to become private money lenders, also known as hard money lenders, should have some expertise in real estate and investment practices in general to reap the many rewards of this sound investment strategy.

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The Benefits of Private Money Lending in Texas

There are many benefits to take into account when considering private money lending as your next investment opportunity. First of all, unlike most other investments, hard money lending is, for the most part, not affected by market changes. To illustrate this point further, imagine you put all of your money into a stock which tanked in the future; you would lose all your money. But with private money lending, you can expect stability with this low-risk investment where you decide on interest rates and terms of repayment. As long as the borrower meets the contract’s terms, you can expect to reap the rewards with minimal risk.

Another benefit of becoming a hard money lender is a quick return on your investment. With other types of investments, you usually have to wait a year or more to see a profit. However, as a private money lender you set the terms of the contract, practically guaranteeing the time-scale upon which you will receive the return on your investment, which could be just a few months.

A big market for hard money lenders is in real estate. People are flipping houses faster than new ones are being built, and you can get in on this market without having to actually flip the houses yourself. Instead, you loan the money to the individual or company who buys the property, renovates it, and then flips it. With the profit they make, they pay back the loan and with interest in the short-term. These loans given to flip houses are not like traditional loans. They don’t last fifteen to thirty years. Instead, you can expect to receive your return on investment within months of the loan being originated.

Finally, becoming a hard money lender is easy. All you have to do is work with a loan servicer who will collect payments for you, and handle taxes and other regulatory issues while you wait for the loan servicer to make deposits directly into your bank account. Using a professional loan servicer takes out the hassle of having to deal with the details. They will mail out statement to customers, issue tax forms, and handle other aspects pertaining to the loan so you don’t have to.

Become Successful as a Private Money Lender in Texas

Have you already made money off of investments in the past? If so, it’s time to put that money to work for you by becoming a hard money lender in Texas. Money that is sitting in you bank’s savings account, even if it is a high-interest savings, can not make you the same profit as private money lending. While it may seem safe to leave your money where it is, securing a loan with a real estate investor is worth more than your bank account and what it promises. In fact, you can make a lot more money as a private lender than leaving your money in the bank.

At this time, there is high demand for private lenders. This is because traditional banks are making it more difficult to get a loan to flip houses. As it becomes more and more difficult for investors to find loans from traditional financial institutions, real estate investors are turning to private money lenders to stay in business. This puts you, the private money lender, in a really good position. You make money off of your investment while stimulating the real estate market and the local economy. This is a win-win situation for everyone involved.

In order to be a hard money lender in Texas, you need to have more than just a small amount of money to invest. This is because the individuals looking for a hard money loans are looking to borrow tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars. If you do have a large sum to lend, it is important to have the experience and knowledge to avoid making costly mistakes that could wipe out your available investment money in one shot. For example, you will need to be diligent in determining who you choose to lend your money to. Also, you need to be sure the terms of repayment are understood in detail by both parties. You will also want to ask for a down payment. This could be as much as 20 percent or more, depending upon the amount of the loan.

All in all, becoming a private money lender is a great investment opportunity for those who want to make their previous investments make more money. With the high demand for hard money lenders in Texas, you won’t have any problem finding borrowers in the real estate sector and in other areas, as well.

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